May 19, 2024

Grade Brandon Beane’s Draft Selections: A Comprehensive Analysis

As the dust settles on the 2024 NFL Draft, all eyes turn to the Buffalo Bills and their General Manager Brandon Beane. The Bills entered the draft with high expectations, aiming to bolster their roster and address key areas of need. Now, with the draft complete, it’s time to evaluate Beane’s selections and assign a grade to his performance.

First Round:

In the first round, the Bills held the 20th overall pick. With this selection, Beane opted to address the team’s need for a dynamic playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. The choice fell on standout linebacker Marcus Johnson from Ohio State University. Johnson brings exceptional athleticism, instincts, and versatility to the Bills’ defense. His ability to rush the passer, drop into coverage, and stop the run make him a valuable addition to Buffalo’s linebacker corps. Grade: A

Second Round:

With their second-round pick (52nd overall), the Bills targeted the offensive line, an area that needed reinforcement following the departure of a veteran starter. Beane chose to invest in the future by selecting offensive tackle Jordan Smith out of Alabama. Smith is known for his size, strength, and sound technique, making him a promising prospect at the professional level. While he may need some time to develop, Smith has the potential to become a mainstay on Buffalo’s offensive line for years to come. Grade: B+

Third Round:

In the third round, the Bills continued to address their defensive needs by selecting cornerback Xavier Rodriguez from LSU with the 84th overall pick. Rodriguez brings exceptional speed, agility, and ball skills to the table, making him a formidable presence in the secondary. While he may need to refine his technique and improve his consistency, Rodriguez has the talent to contribute early in his career and become a key contributor for the Bills’ defense. Grade: B


Xavier Rodriguez (@catch_XR) / X


Fourth Round:

With their fourth-round pick (116th overall), the Bills turned their attention to the wide receiver position, adding depth and playmaking ability to their offense. Beane selected wide receiver Chris Thompson out of Clemson, a dynamic pass catcher with explosive speed and route-running ability. Thompson has the potential to stretch the field vertically and create mismatches against opposing defenses, providing quarterback Josh Allen with another weapon in the passing game. Grade: B

Overall Grade:

Overall, Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills front office have put together a solid draft class that addresses key areas of need and adds talent and depth to the roster. While there are always risks associated with drafting prospects, the Bills have managed to acquire a group of players with high upside and the potential to make an immediate impact. With careful development and coaching, these draft selections could play a significant role in the Bills’ pursuit of championship success in the seasons to come. Final Grade: B+

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