May 25, 2024

The Philadelphia Phillies intended all summer to get out to a fast start, and they succeeded by being the first team to do something all year.
The Philadelphia Phillies’ players and coaches talked all offseason about wanting to get off to a much better start than they had the previous two years, when they were fighting for their playoff lives in 2022 and were relegated to the Wild Card race early in 2023 due to their division’s massive deficit.

Much of that can be comprehended.

Manager Joe Giardi was fired in early June 2022 following a 22-29 start. Last season, the Phillies were without Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins.

After making it through Spring Training reasonably uninjured, they were able to realize their goal of starting as one of the best teams in the league.

It appeared that would not happen as they struggled out of the gate, their offensive looking like a complete shell of itself.

But they turned things around and are currently the first club to win 20 games this season.

Philadelphia fought back in spectacular fashion, scoring three runs in the ninth inning to grab a 7-5 lead. Jeff Hoffman then came in to finish things up and earn his second save of the season.

In terms of short-term results, this was a significant victory since it offers them the possibility to win another series on Wednesday while also earning them the distinction of being the first team to reach 20 on the year.

In the long run, this doesn’t signify anything.

Championships are not earned during the regular season, and the Phillies are competing for results that only occur in the fall.

But moments like this ought to be savored all year, and they continue to give Philadelphia a chance to capture their first division title since 2011.

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