May 19, 2024

The big subject of Tua Tagovailoa’s new contract is slowly but steadily creeping into the 2024 season, and I’m pessimistic of a deal being reached anytime soon. According to reports, they have “gotten the ball rolling and started dialogue” on a new contract, although negotiations are still in the early stages.

There are still months until the lads return to the field, but Tua’s deal will be a hotly debated topic in all NFL media, and the longer you wait, the more people speculate and pay attention.

The earlier a transaction can be completed, the better, but that is not the name of the game in the NFL. They will be in the trenches of a contract negotiation for the few months, but what if, maybe, this isn’t so hard to figure out?

Joy Taylor, a Miami native and current national media head, urged on “Speak” that the Miami Dolphins make Tua Tagovailoa the league’s highest-paid quarterback.

I am convinced that Tua is the best quarterback the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino and is the future of the position. I’d be hard pressed to make him the league’s highest-paid quarterback.

I have the same attitude toward anyone who isn’t considered an outstanding quarterback. Tua is in my top 10, but exceptional, paid at the top of the market, only goes to the top three to five people, and he isn’t there yet. If I were in the Dolphins’ position, I’d fight tooth and claw to make that first number four, even if it meant $49 million each year. That’s a win in my book, though I’ll admit that the explanation Taylor presents makes sense.

Tua posted the top five numbers. He stayed healthy throughout the season. He led the Dolphins to consecutive postseason appearances. His starting record is 32-19, and the Dolphins have never had a losing season during his career.


Dolphins Pro Bowler Tua Tagovailoa Wants To Be 'A Dolphin For Life'


He’s the next person up for a big contract, which is true. On paper, giving him top-league money makes sense. The numbers, leadership, and stability are all present.

I am in favor of a Tua deal for the foreseeable future and have no problem giving him BIG money, but I can’t get on board with the possibility of handing a QB the richest contract in league history unless they can carry the club when it’s needed, or  make the biggest plays in the biggest moments, and Tua has not done that. I’m just not there yet.


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