May 25, 2024

NFL teams devote significant time and money to breaking down and analyzing draft prospects. The evaluation process has evolved into a science, with pages of statistics and personal information about players, as well as formulas designed to optimize a team’s decision-making. However, there are situations when teams are unable to find the correct solution and must choose a more traditional strategy.

According to Detroit Lions cornerback Terrion Arnold, a Las Vegas Raiders coach called him to advise him of a coin toss to determine whether the organization would choose tight end Brock Bowers or him in the first round, which was won by Bowers.

“After the selection, the Raiders’ coach contacted me and said, ‘You know, we actually had a coin flip between you and Brock Bowers and landed on him.’ “Oh, wow,” Arnold exclaimed on The Next Round Podcast.

It is unclear whether a coin toss occurred, and Raiders Assistant General Manager Champ Kelly could not confirm the reports.

“Yeah, I can’t confirm that at all,” Kelly stated in a recent Pro Football Talk article. “Terrion is a skilled player. I’m excited to follow his career and see him play. But we drafted Brock, and we’re delighted to bring him here. And I don’t think anyone else in our whole draft room felt any other way.”

Arnold slid to the 24th pick before being selected by the Detroit Lions with their first-round choice.

A few high-quality draft picks can mean the difference between a winning and losing season. It will be interesting to see how the decision to pass on Arnold plays out for the Raiders, who have only made the playoffs once in the last seven seasons.

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