May 25, 2024

Josh Allen has been the driving force behind the Buffalo Bills, but if an ESPN sports fantasy analyst believes his fame is waning faster than Ben Affleck’s joke at the Tom Brady Roast, then perhaps we should reconsider this statement.

ESPN’s football fantasy forecasts indicate that the three-time MVP finalist will not achieve his match-winning requirement.

ESPN’s Mike Clay has revealed his fantasy football stat forecasts for 2024, which show Allen with 31 total touchdowns (23 pass, 8 rush) and 3,699 passing yards.


Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer mic'd up in Week 17 vs. Patriots


Despite playing with an elbow injury until 2022 and a shoulder injury in 2023, he easily surpassed those numbers.

The actual figures suggest Allen will not be so low, with Joe Brady running a tight offensive ship and not throwing for less than 4,283 yards in the previous four seasons.

A case of trolling the quarterback and Buffalo supporters may be on the schedule, or a full statistical oddity will occur. Which Allen will emerge, the consistent game-changer or the fading star?


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