June 18, 2024

After the Seattle Seahawks recruited new head coach Mike Macdonald, superstar Bobby Wagner left in free agency to join the Washington Commanders.

Wagner discussed his departure from Seattle during an interview on “The Up & Adams Show With Kay Adams” on May 16. “My relationship with the city is always amazing, like always great,” Wagner explained to Adams.

“My relationships with the players, staff, and individuals that work there are always positive. I merely believe that certain upper management handled things incorrectly, and that this is part of the business. You know, you always have those issues, and I’m sure they’ll be resolved over time. I don’t carry grudges or anything like that, so I believe that’s where things stand.

Wagner’s statements sparked speculation among fans and experts about who in upper management mistreated the six-time All-Pro.


What are Bobby Wagner comments on Seattle Seahawks about? - Seattle Sports


The Athletic’s Mike Dugar wrote, “Bobby Wagner discussing his relationship with the Seattle Seahawks is a great example of compartmentalizing.” While Dugar did not identify names, many listeners felt Wagner was referring directly to general manager John Schneider.

One fan remarked, “We’ve talked a lot about player’s agents and certain player’s personalities as reasons why they left Seattle/hold grudges…” But I believe it is safe to conclude that JS must be a brutal pain in the ass.”

Wagner was unceremoniously released by Seattle in order to save money before the 2022 NFL season began. “The crazy part of it all. “I played there for ten years and didn’t even hear from them that I wasn’t returning,” Wagner wrote later.

The Seahawks’ 2012 second-round pick went on to sign a five-year, $50 million deal with the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams released him a year later, citing financial constraints. Wagner returned to Seattle in 2023, and any previous friction appeared to have vanished.

The six-time All-Pro agreed to a one-year, $6.5 million contract with the Commanders in March. He reunites with Dan Quinn, the former Seahawks defensive coordinator who is now Washington’s head coach.

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