June 18, 2024

The Vegas Golden Knights enjoy making huge moves, so this surprising transaction could spark yet another bombshell in the 2024 offseason.
The Vegas Golden Knights will make a deal this summer to improve their prospects of returning to the Stanley Cup Final in 2025, after burning out in the 2024 NHL Playoffs. Fortunately for Vegas, they have a fantastic hockey club, but more is required following deals for Noah Hanifin, Tomas Hertl, and Anthony Mantha, with the first two locked in for the rest of the decade.

Mantha may or may not return, but even if the Knights re-signed him to an extension, we know that this trio was insufficient to go past the first round of the playoffs. However, general manager Kelly McCrimmon may be planning another major move, this time relocating a crucial asset elsewhere.

But don’t worry too much, because the overall core of this team appears to be staying put, at least based on what we know about McCrimmon. This would leave behind future assets, namely draft picks. But would McCrimmon really trade away a 2024 first-round pick, his only one between now and 2027?

Not out of the question for Golden Knights to trade another first-rounder

Overall, it would be an unexpected move, considering the organization’s current paucity of early-round picks. However, McCrimmon could easily entice a team such as the Anaheim Ducks or the Columbus Blue Jackets, both of which should be looking for as many draft picks as possible right now. And two organizations with quality players to contribute.


Golden Knights GM McCrimmon defends use of LTIR space at deadline


Sure, it would be surprising if McCrimmon moved this pick, as it would leave him with only two selections in the first two rounds of the NHL Draft over the next three seasons. And it would prevent the Knights from acquiring a player who could add to their prospect pool, which they need to replenish as they cannot continue trading future assets for current players indefinitely.

McCrimmon should be aware of this, so trading another early draft pick would be unusual. However, if the proper ‘buyer’ came along, and someone who could provide even more depth scoring served as compensation, it would be a reasonable move for a team that has more than a few years of elite NHL status left.

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