June 18, 2024

Alex Verdugo, the New York Yankees’ outfielder, recently blasted his old team, the Boston Red Sox, for their approach to roster development. The Yankees traded Verdugo this winter, after he expressed dissatisfaction with the Red Sox’s decision-making at the previous trade deadlines.

A Rare Trade Between Rivals

Verdugo’s move from the Red Sox to the Yankees was made possible by an uncommon deal between the two rivals this offseason. To acquire Verdugo, the Yankees traded three pitching prospects to Boston. Verdugo has since performed admirably, with a.261/.317/.432 line with great defense in 2024.

Verdugo’s Critique

Verdugo’s criticism of the Red Sox derives from his wish to see a more aggressive approach to winning. He fondly recalls the 2021 season, when the Red Sox had a winning squad and advanced to the ALCS. “Winning in Boston, with all of those fans, feels amazing. “2021 was my favorite year,” Verdugo stated.

However, he believed that in later years, the Red Sox lacked the key pieces to form a successful club. He expressed unhappiness with the team’s inaction around the trade deadlines, saying, “We didn’t have the elements that we needed. It was very difficult not to get them by the trade dates.”

Verdugo claimed that the Red Sox were thinking long-term, focusing on rebuilding the lower leagues and bringing in new prospects. However, he thought the squad would take more initiative to force a win.


Alex Verdugo gets the Yankees' `dawgs' out, sparking barking celebrations -  Yahoo Sports

Red Sox’s Approach

The Red Sox’s approach to team building has been a source of debate. On the morning of the 2022 trade deadline, they were 52-52, three games out of a wild card place. They added and subtracted at the deadline, but their technique was perceived as sloppy.

Last September, the Red Sox fired top executive Chaim Bloom, citing dissatisfaction with his delayed approach to team-building. Craig Breslow, the new CBO, had an active offseason, but one that was low-key and involved fewer prominent names.

Looking Forward

As the Yankees and Red Sox prepare to face off for the first time this season later this week, the focus will definitely be on Alex Verdugo. This series will be Verdugo’s first return to Fenway Park since his trade. It’s unclear if Red Sox supporters will boo or cheer him.

Regardless of how it is received, Verdugo’s criticism of the Red Sox’s roster building has undoubtedly added to the drama surrounding the next series. It’ll be interesting to see how the Red Sox react, both on and off the field.

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