June 18, 2024

The Mets can benefit by being on the other end of this type of trade.
Pete Crow-Armstrong has not taken the MLB world by storm. If you haven’t been paying attention, he’s back in the minor levels, putting up mediocre stats with power being one of his stronger suits. The New York Mets could not have predicted that when they dealt him in the summer of 2022, he would be a model for what they should do a few years later, when they were on the other side of the trade deadline.

A one-for-two transaction at the trade deadline often involves a veteran being traded for two prospects. Not in this circumstance. The Mets traded one of their top prospects for a talented infielder with an expiring contract and a seasoned pitcher with minor league options. Javier Baez and Trevor Williams were two useful additions to the Mets’ temporary roster. Everyone participated in their own way. Remembering them can help the Mets capitalize on this year’s trade deadline.

The Mets should aim to package two players together in at least one trade deadline deal

Javier Báez was reportedly offered $160-$170 million in a longterm deal in  2020 - Bleed Cubbie Blue


If you haven’t already given up on the Mets in 2024, do so now! The team feels compelled to distribute spare components from individuals whose contracts are about to expire to anyone who isn’t locked down.

When comparing any potential future transactions to the major one in 2021, Pete Alonso and David Peterson are in a very similar situation as Baez and Williams were at the time. Alonso is a pending free agent. Peterson retains control, but his minor league options expire next season.

Baez wasn’t having a great season with the Chicago Cubs, but the Mets were drawn to his impressive resume. He’d have an outstanding finish in New York. Williams, meanwhile, became starting pitching depth that they could instantly assign to Triple-A until needed. The next year, he was the long man out of the bullpen and a spot starter.

Unfortunately, Alonso isn’t having an All-Star season. In an expected trade market that will also see several big-time first basemen change uniforms, the Mets will need to do their share to increase the value they can receive back for Alonso. Peterson might not be the best player to team him with. So, feel free to make it Luis Severino or Sean Manaea.

Many of MLB’s contenders do not have a strong need at first base. Fortunately, the DH position provides them with additional space to pursue Alonso. A team like the Seattle Mariners might keep Ty France and hope he improves while also regularly inserting Alonso into the lineup as a designated hitter.

Conveniently, the Cubs may have the same desire to complete a trade like this. First baseman Michael Busch has been good, but not as forceful as Alonso. They don’t have a huge need for starting pitchers, so adding Peterson could be beneficial.

Crow-Armstrong for Alonso and Peterson? The Mets will be revisiting an unusual ghost. However, a comparable arrangement with the Cubs or another team is most likely the best approach to improve the return. Lower-level prospects such as Jeremy Rodriguez and Marco Vargas are exciting to add. In this scenario, the Mets should focus on a single high-level prospect. Quality takes precedence over quantity.

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