July 21, 2024

A new poll of several MLB executives revealed the New York Yankees’ projected cost for a new Juan Soto contract, which is staggering.

Entering today’s MLB games, the Yankees lead the American League East and have the best overall record in baseball. The squad has had a strong start to the season, and Juan Soto deserves most of the credit for that. He put up some of his greatest numbers of his career and is a legitimate AL MVP candidate for 2024.

While he has become a fan favorite among Yankees fans, there is no guarantee he will return to the squad next season, as his strong season coincides with his entry into MLB free agency this winter. There have been numerous stories regarding what his asking price would be after turning down a $440 million deal from the Washington Nationals a few years back.

On Tuesday, ESPN MLB writer Kiley McDaniel was able to obtain some insight from 28 executives around the league about the potential cost of a new contract for the Yankees or any of the other teams who will be interested in his services. Of the 28, three proposed transactions of $600 million or more (14 years/$600 million, 12 years/$605 million, and 10 years/$655 million).


Astros swept by Yankees to start season after Juan Soto go-ahead hit in 9th  – Houston Public Media

  • Juan Soto stats (2024): .318 AVG, .425 OBP, .599 SLG, 1.024 OPS 17 HR, 53 RBI, 50 R

It is a staggering sum that is still $100 million less than Shohei Ohtani’s contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but it will be worth more annually because it is unlikely to include the same enormous deferments that the Japanese phenom received.

However, the majority of the executives polled—14 in total—believed a deal of $500-$590 million was possible for the soon-to-be four-time All-Star. Deals of 12 years/$500 million and 13 years/$500 million were prevalent. However, one official suggested that a 14-year deal worth $588 million was logical.

Just a few months ago, forecasts indicated that a Soto transaction would cost in the half-billion area. However, given his performance this season, the New York Yankees will likely have to invest around $600 million to keep the ace outfielder in the Bronx.

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