July 21, 2024

Tim Hudson, a former Athletics pitcher, visits “A’s Pregame Live” to share some of his best memories from playing at Oakland Coliseum.
With the Athletics’ impending transfer to Sacramento, numerous MLB players have voiced their feelings regarding the organization.

The Athletic conducted a recent MLB player survey, and there were many strong sentiments about the A’s relocation and the state of the franchise.

“I mean, have you seen what they’re doing to the city of Oakland and their fans?,” stated an unnamed player.

“It doesn’t seem like they want to win,” observed another player.

“I’ve heard Oakland is pretty rough,” an unidentified player stated. “Three years in Sacramento?” I’ve visited the ballpark previously. “They can’t find anything better?”

Given the A’s strained connection with their fans in recent years, it’s unsurprising that players from around the league have bad feelings about the franchise.


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Team owner John Fisher has earned a bad reputation among fans and the league for a variety of reasons, including the team’s drawn-out discussions with the city of Oakland over a new ballpark that frequently yielded little-to-no progress for years, prompting the franchise to seek relocation to Las Vegas, and the team’s low payrolls.

With the new stadium on the Vegas Strip not scheduled to be finished until the start of the 2028 MLB season, Fisher and the A’s chose to let their lease at the Oakland Coliseum expire, much to the disappointment of supporters.

Instead of staying at the Coliseum, the team will play three seasons at Sutter Health Park in West Sacramento, which is currently home to the San Francisco Giants’ Triple-A affiliate River Cats.

The departure will end 56 seasons of professional baseball in Oakland, leaving the city without a major professional sports club for the first time since 1959.

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