July 21, 2024

Oliver Marol made a keen observation.
The Cardinals had an uphill struggle against the Washington Nationals on Saturday. St. Louis lost 14-9, and Oliver Marmol shared insight into some of his players’ actions throughout the blowout.

“I mean, we’re down nine, and our dugout is as active as it has been all season. Attempting to throw a four-spot while competing. “It’s great to see some good swings from Arenado and Gorman,” Marmol told Bally Sports Midwest.

Oliver Marmol would have appreciated his team’s attitude if they had won. Nonetheless, their positive attitude is great. The Cardinals struggled on Saturday, but it will not dissuade them. St. Louis still has a 46-42 record, which ranks second in the NL Central standings. Following a disappointing start to the 2024 season, the team has made a remarkable comeback. St. Louis has gone 6-4 in its previous ten games.

The Cardinals opened their Nationals series with a 7-6 victory on Friday. They will meet Washington twice more before the series ends. Oliver Marmol and his team are hoping for a rebound effort in their rematch on Sunday afternoon.

Marmol will not have to worry about his players’ energy levels for much longer. Wilson Contreras provides a spark that should help the Cardinals sustain their momentum. He delivered a scorching truth bomb following a home run against the Nationals on Friday.

Wilson Contreras keeps Cardinals pushing as the season’s midpoint approaches

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“Everybody here is different, but we need that type of emotion, and I’m not going to ever change,” he stated. “Energy like that is contagious, and it benefits this team. I love these guys, and they love me. We’re here to grind, win or lose together.”

Contreras was ecstatic following his spectacular hit on Friday. He discussed the excitement of his team’s victory in the competitive matchup.

“That’s what we play for, and that’s what makes baseball so exciting because you never know who’s going to win,” Contreras said of his ninth-inning home drive. “You never know when the big opportunity may present itself, but hitting a home run like that is very exciting. I’m not going to say I was attempting to hit a homerun. But I was just trying to get on top of his four-seam fastball, which is a fantastic one.”

St. Louis slugger Nolan Gorman applauded Contreras after a promising performance of his own.

“Willson’s electric, and we love it when he gets fired up like that,” Gorman said following the victory over the Nationals. “I believe there were more Cardinals fans here than Nationals fans, so he made sure they were yelling alongside him. But he’s electrifying, and we adore that energy.”

The Cardinals will strive to recreate Friday night’s performance in their next game. Can St. Louis rally and level the series before their last game?

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