April 18, 2024

According to Christian Horner, Lewis Hamilton’s performance in Formula One will offer him a bigger say within the Mercedes environment, while Max Verstappen has similar benefits at Red Bull.
Because of his achievements, Christian Horner believes Lewis Hamilton will have “more sway” at Mercedes than George Russell.

After seeing the Silver Arrows’ domination, the Red Bull CEO has helped his team return to the top of Formula One. Hamilton was on a roll at the time, winning six world championships in seven years to become the sport’s most successful performer.

Horner feels Hamilton will still have a pull at Mercedes despite his advanced age, which helps his goals over Russell, who has only won one race in his entire career. The Red Bull CEO admits that the scenario is similar in his own squad, with three-time champion Max Verstappen enjoying some preferences on occasion.
“I would have thought it’s inevitable in any sport,” he said on the Secrets of Success podcast. Max came to us as a youngster and is now a World Champion. I believe the same about Lewis Hamilton. He is now the most successful driver in history. He will wield more power inside his team than his teammate because his contribution to the team is far larger.


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George Russell


“And I believe it is a matter of keeping that in check.” Of course, certain advantages will be granted to your center forward, your star player, but he’s still part of a team, he still needs to, you know, there’s no room for a prima donna because it becomes bigger than the team at that point.

“So he can’t achieve what he wants unless he has a team behind him and the right tools.” And that’s where you have to strike a balance, be respectful of their accomplishments while also remembering you’re part of a team, and you need all the other elements to perform for you to be able to deliver your part.”


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Max Verstappen


Last season, Hamilton had a terrific season in a car that was rarely capable of fighting for wins. Russell, on the other hand, is the only man to have won a race in a Mercedes in the last two years, outscoring his teammate in his rookie season.

Verstappen, on the other hand, has dominated at Red Bull, the team that signed him as a juvenile prodigy. The Dutchman has received preferential treatment in terms of strategy, which has allowed him to outperform several of his teammates.

Horner had this to say about his star driver: “With the records that he’s now achieved, becoming the third most-winning driver in Formula 1, a three-time World Champion, with the statistic of most wins in a season, and everything that he’s done, you have to start to talk about him amongst some of the greatest names in the sport.”

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