June 25, 2024

Will ‘Jet’ help Kansas City’s offense take off in the Wild Card game against Miami on Saturday?

The Kansas City Chiefs warmed up the ‘Jet’ in Week 18’s regular-season finale in preparation for Saturday’s Wild Card playoff meeting with the Miami Dolphins.

Medcole Hardman, Kansas City’s fast wideout, played all 58 offensive snaps Sunday, recording six catches for 77 yards (on 11 targets) in the 13-12 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve played that many snaps,” said wide receiver Mecole Hardman, beaming.

“It feels good to know that I can go out there and do that type of thing,” he said. His performance on Sunday was the second-best for a Kansas City wide receiver other than Rashee Rice in 2023.

So Hardman has earned a larger part in the Chiefs’ postseason preparations, correct?

“Possibly — a little bit,” Kansas City offensive coordinator Matt Nagy said on Wednesday. “I think it was beneficial for him to be able to get in there and play a lot last week.” He took a lot of snaps and made a few plays.”


2-time Super Bowl winner Mecole Hardman reaches 1-year deal with Jets:  report


Hardman missed five games after being sent back to Kansas City on October 13 due to a thumb injury.

“He’s got veteran experience,” Nagy noted. “He’s participated in these types of games.” He always brings a dash of speed. So I admire his demeanor. He’s been fantastic since he arrived.”

Hardman is relieved to be back from his injury and eager to make an impact in the postseason.

“It was good to get out there and get my feet wet,” he went on to say, “and then just try to take that into this week.”

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