April 24, 2024

Tiger Woods displayed yet another flash of brilliance during a long-drive competition with a group of prominent golf influencers.

The 15-time major champion filmed video for The Fore Play Pod’s various platforms alongside members of The Fore Play Pod.

Meeting their hero did not disappoint, as the team caught film of Woods grabbing the ball while kneeling.

The shot was so amazing that the hosts of the podcast dubbed it “the greatest moment in Fore Play history.”

“Long-drive contest, you and me?” Woods suggested to pod member ‘Riggs’.

Riggs accepted the challenge without hesitation and even took some words of advise from the great man.

As he prepared to attempt the shot, Woods advised him, “Stronger grip, stronger club face.” “All the way back, lead the club face string.”

Riggs did himself justice under Woods’ tutelage and received a slight nod from the star for his efforts.

Then it was golf legend’s chance to raise the stakes by brilliantly attempting the long drive on his knees.

Remember that the 48-year-old sustained life-changing injuries in a near-fatal vehicle accident in 2021, in addition to a history of chronic back and knee difficulties.


The hosts and camera crew were stunned when Woods hit a stunning drive, knocking his ball past Riggs.

“No, you’re a sicko,” the crew said as the 48-year-old rose to his feet. That was fantastic.”

“I’m speechless, that was sick,” said another. “You’re the boss.”

The video was uploaded on X, then known as Twitter, by Barstool Sports, who hailed it as “potentially the wildest move in golf history.”

At the height of his abilities, Woods gained a reputation for the miraculous, and he chuckled with the crew before explaining, “I haven’t really been able to hit balls off my legs very often.”

Following the competition, a Fore Play Pod spokesperson stated, “We did it. We finally shot a video with Tiger Woods, and it turned out better than anyone could have hoped.

“We’ve never been more proud to be a part of Team TaylorMade and know this is just the beginning with the Big Cat.”

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