June 17, 2024

Tony Mowbray discusses the coaches he inherited from Wayne Rooney in the latest Birmingham City news from BirminghamLive.

At Birmingham City, Tony Mowbray is willing to give the three coaches he received from Wayne Rooney a chance.

The ex-Sunderland manager has brought long-term sidekick Mark Venus to Blues, but the rest of his staff is made up of coaches he has never worked with before. After Rooney’s departure, Ashley Cole, John O’Shea, and Pete Shuttleworth remain, as does goalkeeping coach Maik Taylor.

Many expected Cole, O’Shea, and Shuttleworth to follow Rooney and Carl Robinson out the door, but Mowbray is willing to work with them. “I come in with an open mind, without an agenda,” Mowbray said.

The new Blues manager emphasized the importance of Venus, who has worked with him at all seven of his previous clubs. Mowbray and Venus are both from the north east, and they became friends when playing for Ipswich Town.

“Mark coming with me is really important,” Mowbray remarked. We are truly two separate people. I mentioned before that Veno is the smartest person I know despite not attending university or having a degree. Stocks and shares, predicting which horse would win the 3:20 at Kempton… he is quite astute!

“At times, I rely on Veno and his brain. I bring the intensity and emotion. “I believe the combination is effective.”


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Cole, O’Shea, and Shuttleworth have the opportunity to contribute to Mowbray’s plans. Since the departures of Rooney and Robinson, former England left-back Cole has emerged as a more prominent character on the training field.

“What I’ve got around me, the extras as I arrive, I have to suss out really,” Mowbray went on to say. “I’ve already spoken with all of the coaching staff individually and obtained their perspectives.” I believe things will progress.

“What’s important is that we put the team at the center of what we’re trying to do, and it will evolve on its own.” I don’t go into a new club with an agenda – ‘I’m getting rid of him, sacking him, he’s moving on’ – I don’t do that. I need to learn more about the folks.

“There are moments when people want to stay and grow and learn from you. Sometimes people want to quit for whatever reason; they want to be managers now and believe they have served their time.

“I’m quite open about it.” Let’s see how things proceed. People will make their own decisions about what they wish to do. The staff will remain the same. If we need to add some because folks leave, we will do so. It’ll be fine if no one leaves, and we’ll get on with it.

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