April 18, 2024

Sunderland winger Jack Clarke has already been linked with several Premier League clubs this month.

Sunderland have not yet received any bids for Jack Clarke, according to Michael Beale, and the club are under no rush to sell in the current window.

Clarke’s outstanding success this season has drawn admiring glances from the Premier League, with West Ham United reportedly considering a move before the end of the month. Sunderland’s manager has stated that he is unconcerned about the speculation and that there has been no change in the winger’s focus or dedication recently.

“If you’re doing what he’s doing week in, week out at the top end of the Championship there’s going to be people speaking well of you and there’s going to be speculation,” Beale said in an interview.

“That is something I want for our players.” That suggests we’re doing well as a club, and our players are prospering in our environment.

“I’m not aware of any direct inquiries coming into the club.” I’d be dishonest if I said I wouldn’t welcome them because we want Jack to play for a strong Sunderland squad, if only to see what this team is up to this season. Jack seemed to be quite concentrated. Since I arrived, I’ve been quite impressed with his work ethic and quality. I believe conjecture will always exist when you score as many goals as he does.”

Beale concedes that Premier League interest might put the club in a tight position this month, but he believes Clarke is content to see out the season.


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“What I see is a boy who is really comfortable in the changing room, really comfortable with the role he has in the team,” the coach remarked.

“It’s been quite seamless with me coming in; he’s kept his form, and not much has changed for him.” I believe Jack is in a very good place. Jack has experienced a lot of football – he came through at Leeds at a young age, he had a big move to Tottenham, and Tottenham had a few management changes at the time, so Jack had a few loans, and then he got here at Sunderland, and it felt like a really nice match.

“You never know what tomorrow will bring, but right now I’m looking at a boy who appears to be highly motivated and enjoying his football; he’s probably having the best season of his career in terms of numbers, and with 20 games remaining, the story of this season is yet to be written.” I believe Jack wants to play a significant role in this. We are not under any obligation to sell any players. There are numerous perspectives on all of these topics. At the moment, Jack is overjoyed, concentrated, and his training level is high.

“As a Championship club, certain bids for your players are not welcome, but they get to a number, and the Premier League numbers can cause chaos to your season in a month like January.” But I don’t see anything going our way, and I know the owners’ dedication to this season and the project…

“When I was coming in to the club there weren’t any concerns on that.”


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