April 19, 2024

After defeating the Miami Dolphins 26-7 in the AFC Wild Card round, the Kansas City Chiefs advanced to the divisional round of the 2023 playoffs. The Chiefs were overwhelming favorites to win with temps below zero degrees and home-field advantage. While they won, fans throughout the league are protesting that the NFL handed Kansas City too many advantages, particularly when it comes to the referees.

Many NFL fans believe the refs “rigged” the game in favor of the Chiefs after numerous missed calls and penalties on Miami. According to one former journalist, James Nagle, the league assists the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes more than any other team. He claims that this argument is reinforced by Mahomes’ desire for a penalty on practically every single play, which he generally gets.

Mahomes has been widely chastised since their regular-season loss to the Buffalo Bills, when an offensive offsides penalty against the Chiefs on the final drive of the game helped seal the Bills’ victory. Despite the fact that wide receiver Kadarius Toney was offsides, Mahomes was obviously unhappy with the call and chastised the NFL for issuing the penalty. Since then, the quarterback has faced harsh criticism whenever he pleads for a play.




After tonight’s victory, Kansas City advances to the divisional round, marking Mahomes’ 86th win. They will most likely fly to Buffalo unless the Pittsburgh Steelers pull off an upset in what should be a playoff classic. Do you believe Mahomes is “spoiled” by the NFL and receives favorable calls, or are supporters simply bored of seeing the talented QB win games?

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