April 22, 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs’ standout quarterback Patrick Mahomes experienced a unique equipment malfunction during Saturday’s Wild Card game against the Miami Dolphins. The officials looked to make a mistake as Mahomes was getting a new helmet, which NBC NFL rules expert Terry McAulay called out during the game broadcast.

The event occurred in the third quarter after Mahomes collided with Dolphins cornerback DeShon Elliott, and a piece of Mahomes’ helmet was clearly seen flying.

It took the officials a few plays to realize there was a problem with the helmet, finally instructing Mahomes to go get a new helmet two plays after this run from him.

When a player’s equipment fails, they must either leave the game for a play or have a timeout called in order to stay in the game.

In this case, neither of those things occurred. The officials in the game called a break for Mahomes to grab a replacement helmet from the sidelines, allowing him to continue playing without taking a timeout.


Mike Tirico first hinted at the error, pointing out how uncommon the umpires’ suspension of play was.

“They’re going to let them do it without a timeout and just stop the game to change the equipment.” And halt the play clock, which is kind of cool. You wouldn’t see that unless they had to take a timeout. I know it’s Mahomes, but they didn’t have to take a timeout to do it.”

Tirico then questioned McAulay for his thoughts on the officials’ call, which he instantly agreed with while calling out the officials on the field.


“Equipment change, they stopped the clock,” McAulay explained. “He really should have to go out or they take a time-out.”

The Chiefs would settle for a field goal after an incompletion on the next play, so the missed call didn’t matter all that much in the end.

That said, you never know what might have happened if Mahomes had been forced out of the game for a play or the Chiefs had to call a timeout.

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