April 22, 2024

In case you missed it, Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones was chastised for going into the Miami Dolphins’ locker room following their Super Wild Card triumph.

On January 15, South Florida Sun Sentinel reporter Chris Perkins wrote: “For a few brief minutes Saturday night, perhaps three or four minutes, one small corner of the Miami Dolphins’ locker room had such a raucous buzz you’d have thought they’d just won their first playoff game in 23 years.”

Perkins went on to say that Jones and former Chiefs pass rusher Tamba Hali paid a visit to ex-KC teammate Justin Houston, and that the trio was having a good time despite their defeat. This certainly did not sit well with numerous Dolphins players, whom Perkins elected not to name.

Jones later spoke to the media on January 17, and was asked about his brief journey to see the enemy. “Listen man…it was no disrespect,” the KC superstar stated.


All-Pro Chris Jones says he's willing to extend Chiefs holdout through Week  8


“I know a lot of Miami players,” Jones said, adding, “Raekwon Davis, we’re from the same place. Justin Houston and I played together. Melvin Ingram and I played together. The game was ended. I waited till I got ready, I showered — it takes me like 45 minutes to get out of the [Chiefs’] locker room. No disrespect to the Miami organization, but I assumed everyone was gone.”

He stated that he only wanted to say “his truce” to Houston, stating that most Dolphins players had already left except for his pals.

Dolphins’ Reactions Following Chris Jones’ Locker Room Visit

As previously indicated, Perkins’ story included quotes from a couple of Dolphins players. Here is what he claimed was said.

“I would have told them to get the [expletive] out,” one offensive player told Perkins. “That would have had me hot.”

Another commented, “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Perkins stated that Davis and Houston did not believe Jones and Hali were rude.

“When it’s over, it’s over,” Houston informed the reporter. “You still show love.”

The Sun Sentinel reporter determined that it was the “first time he had ever seen an opposing (and winning) player in the losing team’s locker room” in 15 years of covering the NFL—as well as the “first time seeing laughter in a locker room after a playoff loss.”

Chiefs’ Chris Jones Discusses Josh Allen, Bills Matchup

During the same Q&A on January 17, Jones discussed his impending game against Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.

“There’s no secrets [between the two teams],” the game-changing defender told the journalists. “We are quite familiar with the Bills and how dynamic their quarterback is. Such a competitor.

Jones also stated that Buffalo had played “exceptional” football since their regular season clash. “Their game has improved throughout the rest of the season and into the playoffs,” he said. “I think they’re hitting their peak and making strides with where they’re at right now.”

Aside from labeling Allen a “competitor,” Jones referred to him as a “warrior.”

“[Allen] can make any throw, he has a big arm, and he also has talent around him — Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, [James] Cook,” the man in charge stated. “I think they’ve been playing really well together.”

Jones specifically mentioned Cook as a “significant piece” that is difficult for defenders to cope with.

The Chiefs and Bills will play on Sunday, January 21. Here are five AI-powered predictions based on Quarter 4 projections.

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