April 24, 2024

Is Patrick Mahomes the next Michael Jordan?

On Sunday, former MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship on the road against the Baltimore Ravens, advancing to their fourth Super Bowl in five years. Mahomes and the offense were not particularly spectacular in the victory, but the Chiefs did more than enough to keep the Ravens at bay all afternoon and win the conference championship.

In just a few seasons as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes has led the team to unprecedented success. In fact, his phenomenal start to his career has prompted some to debate whether he will one day be deemed the GOAT of his sport, in the same way that some fans see Michael Jordan as the most accomplished basketball player of all time.


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J”ust thinking out loud is Patrick Mahomes heading to be the Michael Jordan of the National Football League,” wrote Vitale. “He is such a winner and is so young, and many people thought the Chiefs would not be a contender to win the Super Bowl again, but he proved them all wrong. Also, when the NFL playoffs began, many critics said Mahomes had never won a postseason game on the road. The first stop was Buffalo, then on to Baltimore, and the rest is history.

In retrospect, it’s tough not to draw parallels between Patrick Mahomes and a younger Michael Jordan.


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