July 16, 2024

Carlos Alcaraz’s transfer from Southampton to Juventus was one of the top stories in the Italian media this week, given how late the Old Lady was able to find a deal for the midfielder.

TMW Radio today reviewed the transfer with manager Massimo Bonanni.

The manager, who presently works at Ostiamare Youth, said he’s not convinced if Juventus struck a decent deal by agreeing to such a high price with Southampton.

“I don’t know him; if what I’ve read is correct, the less he plays, the less Juve pays for the loan, but the redemption amount of about €50 million seemed excessive to me. Gudmundsson, for example, believes that Genoa’s €25-28 million asking price is justified; Alcaraz, however, is unsure.


Juventus take Carlos Alcaraz off Southampton's hands | beIN SPORTS

Juventus confirmed that they will sign Alcaraz from Southampton on a loan deal until the end of the season, paying €3.7 million plus potential €1.9 million in bonuses.
Then they’ll have the option to buy him for an additional €49.5 million, which will be paid over three years.

According to reports in Italian media today, Alcaraz had another battery of tests in Turin after his initial medical checks in Southampton.

Everything is well with the transfer, but owing to administrative complications, he was unable to train with the Old Lady’s squad today.

That could be a reason to postpone his debut in Italy.

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