April 19, 2024

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs star, discusses his interaction with Josh Allen during halftime of the divisional round.
Travis Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs player, delivered another memorable postseason performance in a victory over the Bills. Kelce had two touchdowns on five grabs for 75 yards. He was captured on tape interacting with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen during halftime in the tunnel as both teams were returning to their locker rooms. This is an unusual instance in which the two teams enter the same tunnel rather than marching separate ways at halftime.

“This is a unique case where we’re all going to the same tunnel and I just caught Josh, and he might’ve asked me how I’m getting so open and I told him baby, I blend in the trees with the best of them, stealth mode, you gotta have stealth mode as a skill set man,” Allen said in a video posted to the New Heights podcast on YouTube.


Bills' Josh Allen has one of his worst days in the NFL in a loss to the  Rodgers-less Jets - The San Diego Union-Tribune


Kelce has had a subpar year by Hall of Fame standards, but he has always been prepared to play in the playoffs. He and Patrick Mahomes have an unrivaled chemistry, forming one of the best tight end-quarterback duos in NFL history.

He’s always had a vibrant, exciting personality, and it shows even brighter when the Chiefs win. The connection between Kelce and Allen provides fans with insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. On Sunday, Kelce demonstrated his best abilities as one of the most talented pass catchers. He was able to find open gaps in the Bills defense, which paid off with two crucial touchdowns for the Chiefs.

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