April 24, 2024

Charles Leclerc will follow in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton, according to a surprise announcement made on Thursday.
Charles Leclerc will follow Lewis Hamilton into music by releasing an EP at midnight. The Ferrari star spent the Formula One off-season recording four tracks with French pianist Sofiane Pamart.

Leclerc is reported to have practiced the piano in his leisure time. In 2023, the Monegasque driver recorded three songs, each titled after one of the three races he competed in: AUS23, MIA23, and MON23.

He will now release an EP with four songs recorded over the following three months. Leclerc made the surprising news to his followers via social media platform X, stating that he was ‘glad’ to make his songs available.

Vinyl records will be available for a limited time. It was also revealed that the scores would be made available so that fans could learn how to play the songs.

“I’ve liked every second of this experience. During the offseason, I spent two days in the studio with Sofiane, working on four songs that will be published tonight at midnight,” Lerclerc stated.


“I’m extremely proud of the outcome. We’ll also be producing vinyls, which you can pre-order through the link below for a short time only.

“We will also share the piano scores for the tunes. I hope you will enjoy it all.”

Leclerc is following in the footsteps of fellow Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton by entering the music industry. The seven-time world champion appeared on Christina Aguilera’s 2018 tune Pipe as XNDA.

He was also involved in promotional materials for the American electronic dance outfit Major Lazer. He was spotted playing the banjo in one of the band’s teaser videos.

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Hamilton did not reveal his true identity as XNDA in Aguilera’s video for almost two years. He subsequently stated in an interview, “I had this really gorgeous and amazing individual come out to me a while back, asking me to be on her record.

“I was completely blown away and leaped at the opportunity. I had two hours to write and record a brief verse. The idea was to release the music under a different name so that you could hear it first and then realize it was me, but it didn’t work out as planned.

“I shied away from admitting it was me; I’m not sure why; perhaps insecurities, fear, or overthinking, which I believe many people can relate to. Well, I’d like to say that XNDA represents me, and I’m honored and grateful to [Christina] for giving me a platform to express myself.”

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