July 21, 2024

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has not to clarify his plans for the 2024 season, but one of his colleagues believes he has played his final NFL snap.

Jordan Mailata, an Eagles offensive tackle, believes Kelce is retiring and cites his behavior since the season finished as evidence.


Philadelphia Eagles OT Jordan Mailata Will 'Never Forget' Super Bowl Loss  To Kansas City Chiefs - Sports Illustrated Philadelphia Eagles News,  Analysis and More



“There’s no shot,” Mailata told NBC Sports Philadelphia before the Super Bowl. “You’re telling me he’s going shirtless at the games, gambling in the casinos, and he’s coming back? No way. He’s having so much fun. “He is out there living his life.”



Kelce has been a big role in the playoffs, having attended brother Travis’ games. Initial reports suggested that he had already decided to retire following the Eagles’ playoff loss, but he denied this and stated that he intends to take his time making a decision. Still, the majority of his action suggests he will not return in 2024.

‘Kelce could yet return, but if not, he will go down as one of the most decorated offensive lineman in Eagles history and a member of a Super Bowl-winning squad.


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