April 22, 2024

Tyreek Hill reportedly got into a ‘heated fight’ at a Kevin Hart comedy concert on Friday night when a woman accused him of snatching her seat.

According to TMZ, Hill was at Hart’s gig at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta when the woman grabbed him after he took his seat.

Hill denied snatching the woman’s seat and chose to leave before the incident escalated. He reportedly used no physical force.

According to TMZ, the lady then shoved a member of Hill’s crew before being stopped by venue security.

The woman was also alleged to be accompanied by a male companion while verbally confronting Hill’s group.

Cops reportedly arrived as well and separated the parties.

Cobb County PD informed TMZ that after examining video, they found that the lady was the ‘main aggressor’ in the encounter, and both she and her male companion were handcuffed.

Hill’s pals, however, did not choose to prosecute charges, and everyone was released.

According to a lawsuit acquired exclusively by DailyMail.com, Hill shattered a woman’s leg while charging at her with ‘crushing force’ during a backyard football instruction.

Influencer Sophie Hall claims Hill, 29, felt ‘humiliated’ after ‘holding her own’ and even knocking him backwards during a series of drills at his Florida house.


Kevin Hart Launches HartBeat Independent


It is claimed that the five-time All-Pro replied by charging at Hall and knocking her to the ground with such force that she required reconstructive surgery and months of physical rehabilitation.

In January, the Dolphins wide receiver accused his ‘f***ing bonehead’ lawyers of filing for divorce without his authorization, just 76 days after marrying Keeta Vaccaro.

Hill revealed on ‘The Pivot’ that the situation’spiraled’ after friends uncovered their conversations about a postnuptial agreement.

He said, ‘We talked about a postnup. That was basically the starting point for everything.

‘All I’m going to say is, it gets strange when you tell people outside of your family. Do you feel me?

‘We are still in the early stages of our marriage. We are still learning, guy.

Tyreek Hill shames rapper for filming his burning home on Instagram Live:  'You're supposed to be my neighbor' | Fox News


In the course of four months last year, Hill had children with three separate women (none of them are Vaccaro).

Last week, DailyMail.com learned exclusively that Hill had reached an agreement with one of the women who had been pursuing him in Florida courts for child support.

Brittany Lackner, 30, filed a paternity suit against the fast wide receiver, 29, saying he is the father of her son, Soul Corazon Hill, who was born in February 2023.

Kimberly Baker, 29, came forward in May, claiming that a paternity test would reveal that her newborn daughter Trae Love Hill was created during a liaison with Hill in August.

A third lady, Camille Valmon, claimed to have had a boy with Hill in March of last year.

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