April 23, 2024

Cesc Fabregas praised Vincent Kompany throughout his time as Manchester City’s captain.

Kompany is not just recognized as one of the finest centre-backs in Premier League history, but also as one of the best captains, ranking alongside Keane, Vieira, and Terry.

The City legend is connected with the type of leader who puts everything on the line for their team; a quality that may be becoming increasingly rare among skippers in today’s world.

Cesc Fabregas hails Vincent Kompany as a brilliant captain during Manchester City spell

Many football fans have wondered whether a captain who is more vocal or one who leads by example is the best fit to wear the armband.

The Belgian, on the other hand, brought both sides to the table, as he was frequently seen marshaling his teammates while also being one of, if not the finest player on the pitch week after week, regardless of the competition.

Cesc Fabregas praised Vincent Kompany for his ability to remain a prominent captain at Manchester City despite his sad injury history.

“It was even more difficult since, if I recall correctly, he had suffered numerous injuries. Normally, when you’re injured a lot, you lose some respect from the players, but as Arsene Wenger used to remind me all the time, a captain needs to be on the pitch as much as possible,” he stated on BBC’s Planet Premier League podcast.

“He wasn’t, but he was still revered by the entire team and was making things happen off the field. That’s an unusual one, and it demonstrates the type of leader he is.

Vincent Kompany was truly one of a kind

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Cesc Fabregas makes an important point, stating that given how many games Vincent Kompany missed at City owing to his ongoing injury problems, it is not surprising that his teammates began to question whether they should even heed to his orders.

At the end of the day, Kompany’s availability at the Etihad Stadium was mostly unpredictable, and if a player is unable to receive consistent playing time for any reason, those in the dressing room may begin to question their authority.

However, the now-Burnley manager continued to demand the utmost respect at Manchester City, and it is no accident that he retained the armband despite a change in managers, as the team continued to reach new heights.


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