April 19, 2024

The Miami Dolphins are reportedly revealing which draft prospect they want, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick appears to be interested in a wide receiver. Interestingly, the Dolphins and Mahomes like the same style of receiver.

Mahomes began his career throwing deep passes to Tyreek Hill. The Dolphins acquired Hill during the 2022 offseason. The Chiefs have yet to replace the speed that Hill offered.

Patrick Mahomes has his eye on a WR

It was only natural that Mahomes recognized the fastest receiver at this year’s NFL Combine. Following a 2023 season in which wide receiver play was among the worst in the league, the Chiefs entered the offseason expecting to draft a wide out to complement Rashee Rice. (They’ve since signed Marquise Brown.)
Mahomes said Xavier Worthy was insanely quick when he broke the NFL Combine’s 40-yard sprint record in 4.21 seconds. Mahomes allegedly contacted Worthy after the perfect to congratulate him on breaking the record.

However, the Chiefs were not the only team to notice Worthy’s pace.

The Miami Dolphins met with Xavier Worthy

According to Hank South of Horns 247, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel traveled over to meet with Worthy following Texas’ pro day. McDaniel smiled broadly as he questioned Worthy why he didn’t run the 40-yard dash on Wednesday.

“I didn’t wanna break the record too much,” Worthy stated.

The Dolphins are set up to draft before the Chiefs

Worthy is regarded as a late first-round choice or an early Day 2 talent. Since the Chiefs eliminated the Dolphins in the Wild Card round on their way to winning the Super Bowl in February, they must wait until the No. 32 pick to make their first decision. If the Chiefs do not make a deal, the Dolphins may draft Worthy with the No. 21 choice.

The Dolphins have no need for a wide receiver this season. They have Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. However, they may consider adding Worthy to the squad because they will most likely release Waddle in the future due to cap space problems. Worthy and Hill’s speed on the same offense would provide a challenge for a defensive secondary.

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