April 18, 2024

If West Ham fans believe their club was wronged once more in the 4-3 defeat at Newcastle, wait till they watch Match of the Day.

Match of the Day was once the go-to source for Premier League football analysis and highlights.

However, those days appear to have passed.

There may not be many West Ham fans racing to re-watch the agonizing defeat against Newcastle on the BBC broadcast.

Unfortunately, many will be left with no choice.

Match of the Day hits new low

MOTD’s critique on West Ham is virtually usually disappointing. Whether it’s too brief, stuck at the end of the show, or some pundits demonstrating a lack of understanding of the club, it rarely delivers.

Newcastle appear to get more television time, particularly with Alan Shearer participating.

The great Newcastle and Premier League goalscorer did not appear on the show. Nonetheless, it somehow colluded to display extreme bias against West Ham for this one in his absence.

The scandalous circumstances in West Ham’s defeat at Newcastle have turned into a Match of the Day farce.

This season, West Ham has been subjected to some horrible refereeing and VAR decisions.

Scandalous West Ham incidents completely ignored

Newcastle emerge victorious against West Ham :: soccerzz.com


And three more were added to the list when they blew a 3-1 lead to lose 4-3 at Newcastle.

Both penalties were quite disputed and debatable. Anthony Gordon is initially offside before interfering with play and winning a soft foul. A Newcastle player played the ball forward in a split second before it deflected off a West Ham player.

Dan Burn substituted Mohammed Kudus after he had scored. He could and should have been sent off, which would have undoubtedly helped West Ham win the match.

And, while Kalvin Phillips shown poor touch and awareness, the penalty awarded to him as he attempted to clear the ball was too severe.

Flagship show no longer fit for purpose

However, if West Ham fans want to see the incidents dissected and argued, they should avoid Match of the Day.

None of the incidents were discussed following the game, which was presented by Alex Scott with Stephen Warnock and Martin Keown as pundits.

Not one. Despite the fact that it was the primary game, neither the penalty incident nor the Burn barge on Kudus received much attention.

They were not even mentioned, let alone analyzed.

It’s no surprise that Monday Night Football continues to dominate MOTD in terms of viewership and honors.

The BBC’s flagship programme is no longer fit for purpose.


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