May 19, 2024

Everton appear to be trying to remain alive till they can move into their Bramley-Moore Dock stadium.

However, that is unlikely to be the light at the end of the tunnel that it may have promised, especially given allegations that the stadium could now be sold by 777 Partners in the midst of another potential deduction for next season.

The suffering never ends for the blue half of Merseyside, and yesterday’s latest two-point penalty only serves to strengthen that perception.

Fortunately, the club receives some media backing…

Andy Burnham makes Bramley-Moore Dock comments after new deduction

New move-in date for Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock - Futbol on  FanNation

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, spoke out on BBC’s Total Sport Merseyside last night, condemning the Premier League’s recent verdict against his boyhood club Everton.

And, having resorted to X to express his discontent, his on-air outburst is even more emotional, with his frustration clearly visible.

‘I just do not believe Everton Football Club has been handled fairly, even before considering the points deduction. There’s also the uncertainty that the Premier League has placed on the football club for months on end, which is terrible.

‘They have utterly wrecked the season. And when you consider what they’ve done with all of that ambiguity, given what’s at stake for Everton and the city region as a whole with the development of Bramley-Moore, you’re left wondering how they justify it all.

The Premier League are prohibiting Everton’s sustainability

It is immensely ironic that the Premier League’s rules, which were put in place to ensure that clubs are managed in a far more sustainable manner, are now posing a challenge for Everton to overcome in their quest to grow.

Since Kevin Thelwell took over, there have been significant advances.

Major sales have occurred, and while there have been incomings, the majority of them have been on low-cost, drip-fed contracts that spread payments over several years.

This has allowed the side to remain competitive despite losing Alex Iwobi, Anthony Gordon, and Richarlison during the last few years.

However, fundamentally, PSR is wrong. What is the long-term viability of tolerating £105 million in losses over three years?

Regardless, the fact that they continue to deduct Everton points exposes a major flaw in their statutes.

Just last year, it was shown that each rank change in the table results in almost £2.2 million in gain or loss. So, by deducting eight points in total thus far, not to mention the significant psychological harm this has most certainly caused, they have already cost the Toffees valuable monies.

If they get relegated as a result of these punishments, the club will almost certainly fail financially.

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