May 25, 2024

One of the country’s best sports lawyers has predicted that two Premier League clubs will be “raging” about what could happen to Everton this summer.

Everton was punished two further points on Monday after the Premier League made the results of their second PSR hearing public.

The Toffees have now been punished eight points for their initial charge towards the end of 2023.

Everton are estimated to have spent £16.6 million above than their £105 million cap over three seasons. Sean Dyche’s side has dropped to 16th place, just two points ahead of Luton Town, who hold the final relegation spot.

Many people assumed this would be the end of Everton’s PSR issues. However, this may not be the case.

Everton’s PSR wranglings far from finished as summer hearing looms

Jamie Carragher: Everton's 10-point deduction 'excessive' but Toffees will  avoid Premier League relegation | Football News | Sky Sports


According to an iNews article on Wednesday, April 10th, a third debt repayment case is now scheduled for this summer. The club says that the payments are unrelated to PSR.

Nonetheless, the independent panel that dealt with Everton’s second case was unable to determine whether loan repayments constituted breaches. The most likely outcome is a third hearing in the summer, which might have serious consequences.

With clubs’ Premier League survival on the line, sports lawyer Yasin Patel believes that two rivalries will erupt.

Premier League clubs could rage over what could happen to Everton

According to iNews, Patel believes the delay might open a fresh can of worms, with Luton Town and Brentford particularly upset.

“Although there is a potential loss of points, the Premier League don’t think they can deal with it within this time period, so that may apply next year,” he said.

“What if the case is heard next season and points are deducted? Any reasonable person would believe those points should have been deducted this season. If I were Luton or Brentford, I’d be enraged.

“If Luton or Brentford are relegated and this case is brought against Everton next season and they lose points, if I were their lawyer, I’d sue the Premier League and Everton.” But if I were Everton, I’d ask, “What are the rules?”

The sooner this saga ends, the better. With new rules presumably on the way to replace PSR, the situation is already beyond disarray.

Dyche and his team must focus on scoring enough points to avoid problems during the offseason. The Premier League, on the other hand, did not anticipate this outcome of their regulations.

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