May 19, 2024

Everton has had the continuous backing of a few significant figures throughout the PSR affair.

From politicians to media figures, the Toffees have relied on others to speak up during times when they were obviously obliged to remain silent.

Only able to express their displeasure with the newest deduction before retiring into the shadows to organize their appeal, after this is all finished, we may see some genuine emotions surface from within the club.

However, for the time being, they must rely on people like Andy Burnham and Kevin Campbell to make various broadly supported points, with Pat Nevin being the most recent to weigh in.

Pat Nevin takes aim at the Premier League

Football pundit Pat Nevin talks to ME & MY MONEY | This is Money



Speaking with BBC Sport, the former Everton and Chelsea winger provided the following summary of the former’s deduction.

He remarked that Everton had another two points deducted. It is painful to lose ten, recover four, and then lose two more.

‘The tale has been chaotic from start to finish.’Will teams who break the rules in the future face the same harsh penalties, as the rules are bound to evolve dramatically?

‘I doubt it, which will imply and feel as if Everton, and to some extent Nottingham Forest, have been picked out for particularly heinous treatment.

‘I hope this is over, but I suspect that the more rules are created and then judged by individuals who have no connection to or passion for the game, the more ridiculous and unfair the game’s future will be.

‘The Premier League is a terrific product that the world enjoys, despite – not because of – what the game’s controllers are currently doing.

Everton could face a THIRD points deduction…

While Nevin tries to forecast what the Premier League will accomplish in the future, nobody knows.

One of the main reasons for fan frustration is the sheer inconsistency of their acts throughout this process, which has left them feeling as if their team is being severely punished in order to make a point.

Burnham highlighted this when he recently chastised Richard Masters for using the Toffees as a pawn in his public relations war.

As a result, this second deduction does not signal the end, as we still have no idea whether they will continue their battle to dethrone Everton.

The lack of set-in-stone standards allows the Premier League to adjust and twist the parameters as they see fit, which they have done with ease thus far.

So it should come as no surprise that one report stated that a third points reduction could be on the way, starting Sean Dyche’s team on minus points for next season.

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