May 25, 2024

Amanda Staveley, Newcastle United’s co-owner, has supplied additional information on recent Companies House revisions.

Amanda Staveley has argued that her resignations from Newcastle United-related companies were ‘purely administrative’, despite concerns from supporters.

On April 16, businesses House reported that Staveley and fellow Newcastle United co-owner Jamie Reuben had been removed as directors of 21 defunct subsidiary businesses associated with the club.

Some supporters were alarmed by the developments, which came just days after Staveley’s share of the club was reduced to 5.7% and Reuben’s boosted to 14.3%. However, the changes are thought to be entirely administrative, given both Staveley and Reuben are still listed as directors of Newcastle United Football Company Limited, Newcastle United Limited, and PZ Newco Limited, which is Newcastle United as we know it.

Staveley also took to Instagram to address fan concerns, posting a Companies House screenshot of herself listed as an active director with the caption: “Just returned from Saudi Arabia and noticed a lot of messages from fans concerned that I had stepped down from my role as a Director of Newcastle United.”


Amanda Staveley releases statement on return from Saudi Arabia - NUFC The  Mag

“I have not; the modifications made last week were mainly administrative and affected non-trading entities. Following the takeover, Jamie and I served as directors of all firms until we could form an executive team.

“We remain on the ‘top-co’ and the board. I’d want to thank everyone for their wonderful support over the past few years, especially those who took the time to voice their views.

“We have the best fans in the world – and I am privileged and proud to be a part of your community 🖤🤍.”

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