May 25, 2024

Gianni Infantino has targeted Newcastle United, as well as the other 19 Premier League clubs.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino responds to recent revelations concerning spending on agency fees.

The 20 Premier League clubs spent an incredible £409.5 million on agents and intermediaries in the year ending February 2024.

Gianni Infantino stating:

“Most of the money is leaving football.

“At FIFA, we are working to adopt some clear and fair standards for the transfer system, including agent controls, in order to increase transparency, accountability, and redistribution across all levels of the game.

“As a result, we were sued by several agencies, but FIFA will continue to defend its stance in court.

“I call on governments and lawmakers to join us and play an active role in ensuring the funds generated in transfers are kept within football and are shared with clubs from all around the world, as they are absolutely key for current and future generations of footballers.”

All intermediary and agents’ fees paid by Premier League clubs over the past year:

Newcastle United have the eighth highest agency fees for the 2023/24 season.

Some absolutely horrible / insane figures above, with the ‘big six’ all showing in the top seven rankings, leveraging their established financial positions to spend on agent fees, transfer fees, and wages.

Aston Villa is the other team among the top seven spenders on agent fees this season.

Man City spent the most on agents fees last season (2022/23) at £35 million (a table of agents costs for 2021/22 is also included below), with the 20 Premier League clubs spending a total of £318 million.

Man City’s £35 million amount from previous season has increased to £60 million in agent fees for the current 2023/24 season, however they are no longer at the top!

Instead, Chelsea has spent more than £75 million on agent fees, which is simply horrible and astonishing!

The 20 Premier League clubs will spend £409 million this season, up £91 million from the previous season (£318 million).

Newcastle United’s owners granted £10.7 million in agent fees last season (2022/23); for 2023/24, that sum has increased to £18.8 million.

So much of how UEFA and FIFA operate football is a complete joke, but it’s tough (if not impossible!) to disagree with Gianni Infantino this time.


FIFA president Gianni Infantino backs 48-team World Cup with 16 groups | Nigeria


The FIFA president is particularly interested in highlighting the astronomical sums that agents receive, as well as the cash that leaves football, in comparison to how frequently and invariably cheaply Premier League clubs acquire young talent at very young ages from mainland European clubs and others around the world.

Gianni Infantino makes the obvious point that instead of Premier League clubs paying so much money to agents when recruiting these players, more money should go to the actual ‘clubs that trained and developed the players signed from abroad.’

All intermediary and agents fees paid by Premier League clubs in the 2022/23 season:

The 20 Premier League clubs will spend £409 million this season, up £91 million from the previous season (£318 million).

Football is losing a lot of money due to agent fees. This benefits no one, except the agents of course!!!

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