May 25, 2024

Everton fans are passionately devoted, but if a player fails to return those feelings, things can rapidly go wrong.

Anthony Gordon is an excellent example of how quickly a relationship can deteriorate.

When he first appeared on the scene, the 23-year-old was a bright spot for the Toffees, tipped to be their next big breakthrough prospect.

Another Scouser and boyhood blue in the first squad, he sparkled in moments but lacked the consistency required to propel the Toffees up the table on his own.

However, he never stayed long enough to put his skills to the test, leaving when Newcastle United came knocking.

Despite his efforts to refute several stories surrounding his bitter departure, Evertonians will not be convinced differently.

Anthony Gordon reveals Leighton Baines’s advice

Leighton Baines: Everton defender announces retirement from football |  Football News | Sky Sports


Speaking with Gary Neville on The Overlap, which was released earlier today, the former Everton winger discussed his present profession and the numerous highs and lows he has experienced.

Naturally, his time with the Toffees was overshadowed by the latter, but it did prepare him well for his present success on Tyneside.

It appears that one piece of advice he received while playing for his boyhood club is still with him now, as he told the Sky Sports pundit that it was ‘the best piece of advise’ he had ever received.

Gordon praised Leighton Baines, with whom he both played and was coached, saying, “The best piece of advice came from Leighton Baines.” He told it to me when I was a child at Everton. He said, “Never get too high or low.” “I always remember that.”

Everton are crying out for their next academy breakout star

Since Gordon, a few players have threatened to break through from the academy and into the first team, but few have established themselves as regulars.

And, because to the club’s financial constraints, anyone with a glimmer of hope has had to be offloaded almost immediately for the pure profit academy sales bring in.

It’s a terrible state of affairs, but one that could improve in the future years thanks to Kevin Thelwell’s sustainability efforts.

However, this team is desperate for another academy breakthrough, not just to rekindle a fanbase tired of relegation scraps, but also to potentially save them money by filling a critical position without having to buy.

Sean Dyche has stated that no one is currently ready to take the next step.

Perhaps next season, in a much less pressured atmosphere, he will be able to give others a chance.

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