May 25, 2024

Joelinton has been sidelined since January, but some Newcastle United fans believe he has hinted at a return.
Blonde Joelinton is back, leaving Newcastle United fans wondering if he will return from injury soon.

United have been without their Brazilian star since the beginning of January, when he sustained a thigh injury during the Tyne-Wear derby triumph against Sunderland. The problem necessitated surgery, and the 27-year-old has spent nearly four months healing.

Joelinton signed a new long-term contract with St James’ Park earlier this month, coinciding with his return to individual training. While it is hoped that the midfielder will return to play before the conclusion of the season, Eddie Howe has declined to specify a specific timeframe.

“We need to make sure he is ready to play, we can’t rush the process,” Howe added. “He has to be feeling good and we have to minimise risk.”Undoubtedly, [we have missed him]. I believe he has that presence as well; he is a huge guy, both in personality and physically. I believe we missed his duel-winning skills, midfield coverage, and adaptability.

“That cannot be overstated when dealing with injuries like ours; it is critical that we have individuals who can play multiple roles. “We need him back as soon as possible.”

Is Joelinton’s comeback just a question of time? Some Newcastle fans surely believe so, as he revealed his famous blonde hair appearance with his Instagram followers late on Tuesday night.

One fan on X, then known as Twitter, said, “Joelinton is getting his blonde trim, is he back?” To which another said, “Why did I have to see this?” I miss him so terribly. If he does not perform tomorrow, I will hold you directly accountable, sir, for raising my naïve expectations.”

Some, however, are skeptical that it indicates an impending return, unless Bruno Guimaraes follows suit. The Brazilian boys frequently dyed their hair jointly, and their connection grew both on and off the field.

Newcastle will be hoping to reunite the pair on the pitch in the coming weeks. Eddie Howe’s side will travel to Crystal Palace this evening before facing Sheffield United, Burnley, Brighton and Hove Albion, Manchester United, and Brentford.

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