May 25, 2024

Newcastle United is competing for a place in Europe in the final weeks of the season, and hefty merit bonuses are also on the table depending on where the Magpies finish in the Premier League.
Eddie Howe has challenged Newcastle United to finish as ‘high’ as possible, which will provide further ‘benefits’ for the club.

Newcastle is now in sixth place in the table, with only six games remaining, and there is still plenty to play for. In the final stages of the season, there are not only Europa League and Europa Conference League positions on the line, but also substantial merit payments.

When the Premier League’s broadcast and central commercial income are distributed, each team is promised a total of nine figures. This fee is made up of six individual payments: a one-time central commercial sum that is the same for all clubs; two separate equal share figures from UK and international broadcasters that are distributed evenly; a facility fee for how frequently a team is shown live on UK TV; and two separate merit payments from UK and international broadcasters based on a team’s position in the table.

Last season, for example, sixth-place Brighton received a total merit payment of £46.7 million from UK and overseas broadcasters, while Aston Villa received £43.6 million for finishing seventh. Fulham, in 10th place, received £34.3 million. Although this is still a large figure, it is £12.4 million less than Brighton won for finishing only four places higher.


For the first time in 20 years, Newcastle United will play in the Champions  League | CNN


Given Newcastle’s desire to increase revenue – the Magpies will even travel to Australia for two post-season games next month – are the additional funds on offer another motivation for Howe to perhaps increase his budget ahead of the summer window opening?

“It’s very difficult,” Newcastle’s manager told reporters. “I’ve been asked this question many times throughout the years. You can never focus on that side of things, but I understand the question.

“The motivation for me is first and foremost that we want to finish as high as possible in football, and then there are the rewards for the football club. We’ll try to finish as high as we can.”

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