May 25, 2024

Roger Rosengarten, the Baltimore Ravens’ second-round pick, is delighted to play alongside MVP Lamar Jackson.
Roger Rosengarten, a rookie for the Baltimore Ravens, is overjoyed to finally realize his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL.

But it looks that being picked by the Ravens and playing with reigning MVP Lamar Jackson is the cherry on top.

“As soon as I heard [it was] Baltimore, that’s the first thing that came to my mind – blocking for Lamar [Jackson],” Rosengarten told reporters. “[He’s] an elite-level quarterback, an MVP-level quarterback. It’s a dream come true. Baltimore is one of those places where it’s been a historic program for such a long time, and just to hear my name called and have everybody on the staff come [on the phone] and congratulate me, it was such a great feeling.”


Roger Rosengarten reveals pre-draft interactions with Ravens

Last season, Jackson was sacked 37 times, tying for sixth in the league among quarterbacks. That’s a figure the Ravens would like to reduce in the next season, and Rosengarten could be part of the solution. Rosengarten never allowed a sack in over 1,100 snaps in college, and it appears that he intends to maintain that trend in the NFL as well.

Of course, Jackson is a mobile quarterback who prefers to flee the pocket, so it will not be simple. However, Rosengarten appears to be up for the responsibility of protecting the league’s most valuable player.

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