April 24, 2024

The Buffalo Bills face a difficult road to the Super Bowl. Despite possessing one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL in Josh Allen, the squad cannot beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

As they look for an answer to the Chiefs in the summer, they have brought back Mitch Trubisky to serve as Allen’s backup in the quarterback room. His expertise working with Allen and the Bills management should allow him to smoothly assimilate into the team.

However, not everyone is pleased with how the agreement to re-sign Trubisky went down. In fact, one former quarterback expressed his disgust with how the Bills have handled their offseason so far.

Mitchell Schwartz calls out Buffalo Bills for paying Mitch Trubisky more than vet minimum amid player cuts

Mitch Trubisky: Signing with Bills was a no-brainer, felt like coming home  - NBC Sports


Mitchell Schwartz, who won his first and only Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV, believes it makes no sense for the Bills to continue cutting players in order to maximize cap space and then sign the former Chicago Bears quarterback to a contract worth more than the veteran minimum.

The Spun’s Hunter Hodies reported about Schwartz’s passionate speech on the subject:

“It’s hilarious that Buffalo is cutting all these people while being over the cap, but they’re willing to pay Trubisky more than the league minimum. “Do they not watch football?” Schwartz tweeted.

He went on to say that he does not understand why the Bills signed Trubisky because he believes he is not good.

“With reading comprehension at an all-time low, why would any Buffalo supporters want Mitch Trubisky on their roster? The argument is that they signed someone who repeatedly performs poorly for more money than was necessary. I have no difficulty spending on backup quarterbacks. “Just…pick the right one,” Schwartz said.

A cursory look at Trubisky’s stats from last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers will justify Schwartz’s critique of the North Carolina product. In five games, he tossed 632 yards, four touchdowns, and five interceptions. He was unable to obtain a decent QB rating previous season, but his debut season with the Steelers resulted in a dreadful 58.5 QBR.

Fortunately for the Bills Mafia, Mitch Trubisky is only coming in as a backup. They will not be pleased if the Buffalo Bills must rely on him next season.

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